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XaaS and Managed Services Co-Creation Engagement

Help your partners create their own, differentiated XaaS and managed services offers and accelerate their time-to-market and profitability. The nVision XaaS and Managed Services Co-Creation Framework takes a customer-in approach to ensure your partners’ offers are aligned to customer needs and accentuate both your competitive differentiation and that of your partner. This reduces risks, costs, and friction, and will speed time-to-market and optimize launch performance.

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1-6 Month Engagement (depending upon requirements)

Key Deliverables

XaaS Service Ideation Design Thinking Workshop

  • Market Problem Statement Definition
  • Target Use Case Definition
  • Target Customer Profiling and Segmentation
  • User Persona Definition and Requirements
  • Candidate Service Definition and Prioritization
  • New Service Concept Development:
    • Vendor Elements
    • Partner Elements
    • Ecosystem Elements

XaaS Service Creation and Definition

  • Branded Service Names
  • Service Description and Positioning
  • Service Feature Definition and Differentiation
  • Service Value Propositions
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Marketing Requirements
  • Sales and Routes to Market Requirements
  • Delivery and Customer Success Requirements
  • Packaging and Pricing
  • GTM and Launch Planning


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