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Partner XaaS / Managed Services Financial Modeling Workshop

nVision Consulting Group is leading the discussion on XaaS partner economics and profitability. We have worked with leading partners, globally, to help them formulate their XaaS business strategy and plans. The first step to achieving XaaS business objectives is having those objectives clearly defined and committed. The nVision XaaS Partner Financial Modeling and Business Planning workshop will help partners and MSPs model their target market opportunities, required investments, and anticipated financial performance over a multi-year horizon. nVision will lead your leadership team to formulate and align on a realistic, achievable, and executable XaaS and/or managed services business plan.

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1-2 days to one month

Key Deliverables

nVision will lead one or more workshops to:

  • Define overall XaaS and/or managed services business objectives and required contribution
  • Identify key financial drivers, including anticipated XaaS market segments, portfolio and sales constructs, and required investments
  • Create and evaluate multiple scenarios against defined business objectives and required return on invested capital
  • Facilitate the alignment and commitment for XaaS and/or managed services business performance and execution
  • Finalize and document the high-level partner XaaS and / or managed services business plan


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