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The journey for XaaS transformation is very different for IT vendors and their partners. nVision has first-hand experience and subject matter expertise on both sides of the traditional channel equation, including partner and alliance relationships. We are immersed in and shaping the evolving thought leadership and best practices as we help our IT vendor and partner clients accelerate their respective journeys and optimize their performance and results.

Our perspective

There are two sides to the XaaS transformation story

XaaS is not just another new product introduction. As customers seek new ways to consume IT as a service, the economic models are not the only thing that has changed. From sales to service delivery to renewals, your entire customer engagement journey is changing. Whether you are an IT Vendor or a partner, XaaS transformation will be a ‘heavy lift’. Because nVision works with both vendors and partners, we understand XaaS economic models, drivers, and what is required to achieve success. nVision is your trusted partner every step of the way. Click below to choose your journey.

For Vendors

XaaS Channel Optimization is not as simple as adapting your existing programs or developing a playbook. The economic models, rules of engagement, and value exchanges have totally shifted.

For Partners

XaaS partner readiness can be disruptive. Where do you start? If you are a partner seeking to accelerate your journey – or a partner account manager looking to help partners accelerate their XaaS capabilities, click below.

nVision has established best practices and a core set of consulting services to help global IT vendors and their partners accelerate their XaaS transformation journey

Solutions for Vendors

Click below to access our IT Vendor XaaS consulting services. We have the ability to tailor each of our services to meet specific client requirements

Solutions for Partners

Click below to access our XaaS partner consulting services. These services were specifically designed for partners to help accentuate your differentiation and profitability

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