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XaaS Customer Engagement Framework Development – Partners and MSPs

To achieve long-term success selling your XaaS services and managed service portfolio, partners and MSPs need to ensure customers realize value throughout the lifecycle. While IT vendors may have their own lifecycle approach, this represents the experience the IT vendors want to create with their customers. As a value-added partner or MSP, you should seek to define your own experiences that your customers will have with your firm through the lifecycle. This is an opportunity for your firm to define the experience you want to create directly with your customers, and accentuate your value-added differentiation and service differentiation. As a TSIA Consulting Alliance Partner, nVision has helped leading IT vendors and their partners develop their customer experience strategies. Bring nVision’s experience and subject matter expertise to formulate or optimize your XaaS customer engagement framework and to define the roles and capabilities required throughout the lifecycle that will accelerate your XaaS business growth and scale.

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One Month

Key Deliverables

nVision will lead one or more workshops to:

  • Interactive workshops (virtual or live) to map out the forward-going customer journey and customer engagement framework aligned to LAER
  • Definition of XaaS customer journey map and the experience partner seeks to create with customers
  • Identification of key activities, deliverables, and gates at each customer touchpoint
  • Identification of opportunities for partner to provide unique value throughout the lifecycle
  • Establishment of high-level responsibilities matrix outlining roles and responsibilities at each phase throughout the lifecycle
  • Identification of potential gaps, risks, and recommendations to address or mitigate
  • Finalization of XaaS Customer Engagement Framework


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